Become a Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter

The City of Galesburg is dedicated to hiring firefighters who are committed to the compassionate and professional delivery of emergency medical and fire suppression services to the citizens of this community who depend on them. We want men and women who are personally dedicated to doing a complex job and doing it right.

The City of Galesburg Board of Fire and Police Commissioners conducts all testing and hiring of sworn personnel (firefighters) for the Galesburg Fire Department. The testing process includes a physical agility test, written test, and an oral interview.

Testing will take place again in the fall of 2018:

Application deadline: Not accepting applications at this time.


  1. Citizenship: Applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Physical Requirements: No minimum or maximum, must be comparable for overall body size and structure.
  3. Age: May test at age 20 but must be 21 years of age by date of appointment; or not more than 35 years of age at the time the final eligibility list is posted.  Exception: Firefighters previously employed in a full time capacity with a paid municipal department. References:  65 ILCS 5/10-2.10-6 and 5/10-2.1-26
  4. Education:  High School diploma or equivalent.
  5. Driver’s License: Must possess a valid driver’s license; be able to safely and competently operate a motor vehicle and to obtain Class B non-CDL within 12 months following appointment.

Meet the requirements? What next?


Applications will be availabe once testing starts again in 2018.

Those interested are required to complete the online application (even if you have completed the application in the past, you must complete a new application) Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing an application.

Orientation and Physical Test

Saturday, September 2018

Hawthorne Centre Regional Training Site

2233 Veterans Drive

All candidates are required to attend the orientation.  If a candidate has a current CPAT or Ladder certification, please bring a copy of it (front and back) along with the actual certification to the testing site.  The Commission will keep the copy and verify the original.  COPIES WILL NOT be made for you!  Please come prepared. 


Written Test

Only candidates who passed the physical aptitude test or those that provide current CPAT and/or ladder certification will be permitted to participate in the written examination.  Written exams will be graded and candidates will be notified via email of their ranking. Those that fail will be eliminated from the process.


Preliminary Eligibility List

The Commissioners will prepare a Preliminary Eligibility List of the candidates who have attended the Orientation, presented proof of current CPAT Plus Ladder certification or passed the physical examination and passed the written test. The top 20 candidates’ names that appear upon the Preliminary Eligibility List shall be subject to an oral interview.


Oral Interview

The Commissioners will interview each candidate to evaluate and grade the candidate on speech, alertness, ability to communicate, judgment, emotional stability, self confidence, social skill and general fitness for the position.  Candidates who fail to successfully complete the oral interview will be notified and eliminated from the process.


Initial Eligibility List

All scored examinations shall be based upon a scale of 1 – 100.  The Written test score will be multiplied by 60 percent and the Oral interview score multiplied by 40 percent to achieve a total cumulative score.  Candidates shall be placed upon the Initial Eligibility List in rank order, highest scoring first. 


Preference Points

Within 10 days of the posting of the Initial Eligibility Register, candidates listed may make a claim for preference points.  Failure to timely make a claim for preference points shall constitute a waiver thereof.  Candidates must supply the following information to the Fire Department’s Secretary to be kept with his or her application for the Commission to determine the applicable Preference Points:


            Military Service Records

            Discharge Papers

            Copy of Social Security Card

            Copy of Birth Certificate

            Copy of Driver’s License

            Copy of High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate

            Transcripts from College or University


Preference points shall be awarded as listed below. (Documentation must be proved within the 10 days to be counted towards Preference points. Any certifications received AFTER the 10 days shall NOT be counted nor will later certifications change a candidates standing on the Final Eligibility List):


  • Military Preference – 5 points – Awarded to applicants who have served a minimum of 12 months on active duty in the service of the U.S. Military and who have either been honorably discharged or, in lieu of an honorable discharge, are still serving in an active or inactive reserve status.
  • Education Preference – 5 points – Candidates must have an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science or Emergency Medical Services from an accredited Community or Junior College or a Bachelor’s Degree in any field from an accredited College or University.
  • Paramedic Preference – 5 points – Applicants must be licensed as an EMT-P at the time of application.
  • Additional Points – 5  points – Applicants must be certified or licensed by the State of Illinois as a Firefighter Basic or Advanced by the Illinois State Fire Marshall’s Office AT THE TIME of application.

Preference Points are NOT cumulative. No points will be awarded for EMT-B or EMT-I licenses, Fire Cadet Training, experience or residency.  Please do NOT submit documentation for any other certifications other than what is listed above.


Final Eligibility List

The Preference points will be added to the Initial Eligibility List to create the Final Eligibility List. 


Any person whose name appears on the Final Eligibility List may decline appointment once.  It shall be the option of the Board, should a candidate decline appointment a second time, to strike from or maintain upon the register the name of such candidate without otherwise altering the candidate’s original position on the List.



If an opening occurs, the next candidate on the List will be contacted to determine if he/she is still interested in working for the City of Galesburg.  The Commission, at its discretion may bypass a higher ranking candidate and appoint a lower ranking candidate if, in the Commission’s opinion, the lower ranking candidate is more qualified for the position and that candidate’s name appears within the top 5 percent of the names remaining on the list. The candidate is then subject to (in this order) satisfactorily passing a psychological examination, a polygraph test, background investigation and a medical examination (to include, but not limited to: vision, hearing and drug/narcotics testing) all paid for by the Commission.  A conditional offer of employment shall be made prior to a candidate submitting to the psychological examination.


Probationary Appointment

All appointments to the Fire Department shall be considered probationary for 12 months, commencing when the firefighter first reports for work with the Department.  Final Certification of probationary firefighters shall be subject to successful completion of the Certified Fire Fighter Basic Training Course as prescribed by the Illinois Fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education Board and license as an EMT-B within the prescribed probationary period.


The current eligibility list is in effect through December 5, 2018.

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