Energy Aggregation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Aggregation


How and when will this happen?

Galesburg will select an electricity consultant. With this consultant they will notify residents about the upcoming referendum for electrical aggregation, draft a plan of governance and help make the aggregation process as efficient as possible. Once the referendum is approved, the plan of governance will be adopted, and the council will run an RFP process. All bids submitted will be analyzed, and compared with the offer maximizing the town’s best interests selected.

What do I have to do?

If you are in favor of saving as much money as possible on your electric bill, then definitely vote yes for the referendum. After it passes and you do not opt-out, you will be automatically enrolled and can enjoy the best possible savings available.

Will I be billed twice or receive two bills?

No. You will receive one bill from Ameren with the new suppliers charges included. The electricity will be provided by your supplier and the distribution through the power lines will be provided by Ameren, but you will still receive only one bill. In some special instances, commercial accounts may receive both an electricity supply bill and one for distribution from the utility.

What if I don’t want to participate?

You will have 21 days from the postmark date on the opt-out notice from your supplier to inform them that you do not wish to participate. 

What if I want to join at a later date?

You can always join the aggregation group, but the original price and terms can’t be guaranteed. The supplier will give you a price quote applicable to the date you want to join.

What if I move into the city?

The same rules apply to move-ins as do citizens that want to join later. The price you are quoted from the supplier may not be the same as the aggregation groups and will be dependent on prevailing market conditions.

What do I do if my power goes out?

Ameren will still handle all power outage reports since they are responsible for the distribution of the electricity. They maintain all the power lines so you will still call them for any emergencies or problems.

Why should my city participate now?

Power prices are the lowest they have been in years. Locking in a good rate will not only save you money right now, but also in years to come if your county secures a contract longer than 12 months. Further, much of the power Ameren provides was bought when power prices were higher. They pass on this cost to you. Alternative retailer electric suppliers can offer more competitive rates which means greater savings to the consumer.

Is there a fee for switching suppliers?

There is no fee to the member. If Ameren assesses a switching fee it will be paid by your new supplier.

Who can be considered a member of the aggregation group?

All residents and small commercial businesses with a demand of less than 100kW will be eligible for the aggregation group. Members who meet these criteria, have not opted out, and are not currently being supplied electricity by another alternative retailer electric supplier, will be notified of their eligibility by the supplier with the winning bid. Some rate classes that meet the above criteria may receive a better rate than the one offered by the bid winning supplier. They will not be offered access to the aggregation group. 

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