D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse Resistance Education


Officer Steffanie Cromien, D.A.R.E. Officer


D.A.R.E. is taught in grades 3rd., 4th., 5th.with special classes in the Junior High schools, in Bullying and Internet Safety.  Five Elementary Schools participate in after school D.A.R.E. Clubs.  Students are able to experience different programs available from the community.   

Goals & Objectives

The primary goal of D.A.R.E. is to prevent substance abuse among school age children.  The D.A.R.E. program targets children at an age when they are most receptive to drug prevention education and before they are likely to have experimented with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

The Course Objectives are:

  • To provide the skills for recognizing and resisting social pressures to experiment with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs;
  • To help students develop high self-esteem;
  • To teach positive alternatives to drug use, gang activity and violence;
  • To develop student skills in risk assessment, decision making and conflict resolution; and
  • To build student interpersonal and communication skills.   

 Graduate Card Program

Several local businesses have agreed to participate as a way of showing their support for D.A.R.E. Graduates and their decision for a drug free life-style. 

A discount will be given to all D.A.R.E. Students effective immediately.  The following rules will help the business employees and D.A.R.E. families when using the card:

  • The D.A.R.E. student must present the D.A.R.E. Graduate Card when ordering.
  • The Graduate Card must be signed by the student using the card.
  • No other family member may use the Graduate Card.


A major component of our D.A.R.E. Program is the use of C.A.R.E. (Chemical, Awareness, Resistance, Education) students as role-models.  The C.A.R.E. group consists of 75-80 Galesburg High School students who have pledged to be drug-free and their purpose is to encourage and support each other in this decision because they care.

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