Business District Development and Redevelopment Commission

Meets 3rd Thursday of each month, 8:30 a.m., Erickson Conference Room.

This Commission is appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. Members consist of the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Council Board of Directors Executive Committee, one City Council Member, City Manager, Director of Community Development and the Mayor. The Commission is authorized to negotiate and purchase property on behalf of the City, sell individual parcels of the Business District to qualified purchasers (as determined by the Commission) who submit a written plan to develop such parcels in accordance with the Business District Plan, market the Business District to interested parties, to negotiate and enter into contracts for the cash rent of available farm ground, to oversee the maintenance of property owned by the City within the Galesburg Business District 1 and to develop and enforce any needed restrictive covenants desired for the properties located in the Business Park.
The Council Member shall be appointed for a one-year term with the appointment alternating among the wards. The appointment shall be made at the second Council meeting in May.
Contact Roy Parkin, Director of Community Development and staff liaison for this commission.
Members and 1 - yr Term Expiration
Lori Sundberg, April 1, 2017
John Spittell, April 1, 2017
Troy McCrery, April 1, 2017
Rebecca King, April 1, 2018
William Harrison, April 1, 2015
Chuck Ross, April 1, 2018
Mike Nees, April 1, 2016
John Pritchard, Mayor, non-expiring term
Knox County Economic Development Group Representative, non-expiring
Ex-officio Members
City Manager, City of Galesburg
Economic Development Director, City of Galesburg
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