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John Pritchard

First Ward
Angela Bastian
Second Ward
Wayne Dennis
Third Ward
Russell Fleming
Fourth Ward
Corine Andersen
Fifth Ward
Peter Schwartzman
Sixth Ward
Wayne Allen
Seventh Ward
Jeremy S. Karlin


Galesburg celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2012 -- 150 years of quality life. A unique town because it was a planned city whose definite purpose was the fostering of religious education. The main reason for its existence was Knox College.

Two square miles were originally purchased at $1.25 per acre, by an Eastern group. One square mile was set aside for the Village of Galesburg, the rest of the land was used for cultivation. Streets were laid out and named for early members of the plan: West, Waters, Simmons, Kellogg, Tompkins, and Ferris.

The members purchased the original land and two improved farms for $5.00 per acre. The farms were located at the present site of Lake Storey Road. This area became Log City. It was agreed there were to be no log cabins in Galesburg.

Knox College was granted a charter by the Illinois State Legislature in 1837, but it was not until 1841 that it opened its doors to the first freshman class. Old Main was completed in 1851 and has the distinction of being the only building still standing where a Lincoln-Douglas debate was held, October 7, 1858, the fifth and most famous of the debates.

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