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     Residential Registration

  • The City of Galesburg adopted an ordinance on December 21, 1998, requiring all properties, that are not owner occupied, be registered as rental properties. The Residential Rental Program has proven to be successful in helping tenants and property owners maintain living conditions and property values throughout the city.
  • Under this prgram, all residential rental properties are required to be registered on an annual basis. A landlord must file a registration statement, found at the end of this section, with the City Clerk's office for each premise where a rental unit exists. See 150.227 REGISTRATION OF LANDLORDS for further detrails.
Municipal Code Section 150.227 Registration of Landlords
     (A) A landlord shall file a registration statement with the City Clerk for each premises upon which a rental unit exists, notwithstanding whether the rental unit is occupied or vacant. The registration shall be prima facie evidence that the information in the statement is true.
        (1) The registration statement, at a minimum, shall include:
          (a) The landlords' name, business address and telephone number. If the landord is a partnership or corporation, the statement shall provide the name, business address and telephone number for all partners or officers. Further, if the landlord is a corporation, the statement shall include the name, business address and telephone number of the registered agent for the corporation;
          (b) The name, business address and telephone number ofthe landlord's agent for the purpose of managing, controlling or collecting rent and the landlord's local agent as provided for in division (B) below;
          (c) The name, business address and telephone number of each lending institution, or party holding a mortgage, on the premises;
          (d) The street address and property index number of the premises, the number of rental units and the date on which the rental units were built; and
          (e)The maximum number of occupants permitted by the landlord in each building containing rental units.
         (2) For the purpose of this section, a post office box is not sufficient as an address.
     (B) Each landlord shall have a local agent. The local agent shall be authorized by the landlord to receive notices of code violations and receive process in any court proceeding or administrative enforcement proceeding on behalf of the landlord in connection with the enforcement of this code. The local agent must maintain an office in this county or must actually reside in this county. The agent must be a natural person 21 years old or older. A landlord who is a natural person, however, who meets the requirements of this subchapter as to location of residence or office, may designate himself or herself as the local agent. (1990 Code, 6-416) (Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998)
  •      The registration statement is filed annually with the City Clerk. Registration takes place between May 1 and May 31 for the following year. Any person making a registration application more than 30 days after the license expiration shall pay a sum of $5 in addition to the required registration fees, as a late charge. If a landlord fails to pay the registration fee they will be subject to a $75 Administrative Ticket for failure to register. See 150.228 TIME OF REGISTRATION for futher details.
Municipal Code Section 150.228 Time of Registration
     (A) The registration statement shall be filed annually with the City Clerk. Upon registration and payment of any applicable fee, the Clerk, or the Clerk's designee, shall issue a certificate of registration to the landloard which shall certify that the landlord has registered the premises. Registration shall be bewtween May 1 and May 31 for the following year. Any person who makes a registration application more than 30 days after license expiration shall pay a sum of $5 in addition to the required registration fees, as a late charge.
     (B) The landlord shall notify the City Clerk within ten days of any change in the registration information by completing an amended registration statement. There shall be no additional fee for filing an amended registration statement.
     (C) It shall be the duty of any subsequent landlord of the premises to register it as required under this subchapter within ten business days after the transfer of ownership.
     (D) It is a violation of this subchapter for a person to submit, or cause to be submitted, false information on any registration form. (1990 Code, 6-417) (Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998; Ord. 05-3076, passed 3-7-2005) Penatly, see 150.999
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     Starting on April 1, 1999 every rental unit which is rented, or offered for rent, to permanent residents shall be systematically inspected for compliance. All rental units must meet a minimum living standard for the safety and protection of the tenants. All rental units must meet the following State and National codes that have been adopted as law, or as required by law, with amendments as listed in the Galesburg Municipal Code.
  • 2014 National Electrical Code
  • 2012 International Building Code
  • 2012 International Residential Code
  • 2014 Illinois State Plumbing Code with amendments
  • 2012 International Fire Code
  • Current National Fire Protection Agency Codes
Please see City Departments, Community Development, Inspections for rules and regulations governing work to rental units.
Municipal Code Section 150.229 Minimum Standards
     All rental units must meet certain minimum living standards for the safety and protection of the tenants. All rental units are hereby required to meet the International Fire Code ("F") and the current National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA") Standards. They are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference. A copy of the Code and Standards shall be on file with the Fire Chief. Inspections shall be made by using a standard fire safety inspection form. A copy of the form, which may be changed from time to time, is on file in appropriate city offices. Any landlord, or person owning a rental unit which does not meet the code and standards referred to above, is in violation of this subchapter.
(1990 Code 6-418) ( Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998)
  • Rental inspections are scheduled with the landlord a month in advance with a notification card being sent to the tenant to inform them of the pending inspection. The landlord does not need to be present however it is encouraged that they are. An inspection cannot be conducted with the tenant being present or a signed card by the tenant giving consent. If an inspection is attemped and cannot be performed either because of the landlord or tenant refusal to allow the inspection the rental unit will not be allowed to be registered for the following year. Each rental unit will be inspected systematically.
  • If a property owner/agent is in violation of any applicable codes they will receive a written report of the violation within 21 days to correct the violation. Please see GMC Code 150.233 for more information.
  • See the following codes pertaining to the inspection of rental properties
Municipal Code Section 150.230 Inspection of Premises
     (A) Commencing on April 1, 1999, every rental unit which is rented, or offered for rent, to permanent residents shall be inspected systematically for compliance with this subchapter and all other applicable laws.
     (B) The provisions of this section do not apply to:
          (1) Owner-occupied single- family dwellings;
          (2) Dwellings, buildings or structures owned and operated by a nursing home facility properly licensed by this state;
          (3) Dwellings, buildings or structures licensed and inspected by the state or federal government or local governement agency, provided that the inspection is based upon criteria at least as strict as required hereunder and further provided that a copy of the inspection report is filed with the City Clerk: or
          (4) Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast establishments and similar facilites that do not rent to permanent residents.
(1990 Code, 6-419) (Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998; ord 99-1885, passed 02-15-1999)
Municipal Code Section 150.231 Notice of Inspections
     (A) The inspection of rental units shall either by consent or pursuant to an administrative warrant. If the apporpriate consent has not been given to enter or inspect a rental unit, no entry or inspection shall be made without the procurement of a warrant from the Circuit Court of this county. The Court may consider any of the following factors, along with any other matters that it deems relevant, in its decision as to whether a warrant shall issue:
          (1) Eyewitness account of violation;
          (2) Citizen complaints;
          (3) Tenant complaints;
          (4) Plain view violations;
          (5) Violations apparent from city records;
          (6) Property deterioration;
          (7) Age of property;
          (8) Nature of alleged violation; and
          (9) Conditions of similar properties in the area.
     (B) Commencing on April 1, 1999, all rental units shall be inspected at least once every five years. Notice of the date of inspection shall be mailed to the landlord and tenant 30 days prior to the date of inspection.
     (C) If a complaint is received regarding a rental unit, however, the city may inspect the premises even though it may, or may not, have already been inspected.
     (D) Noting in this section shall prohibit the city from inspection any rental unit more frequently than every five years.
(1190 Code, 6-420) (Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998)
Municipal Code Section 150.232 Inspection Certificate Required
     No person shall rent, or allow to be occupied, a rental unit without first having a valid certificate of inspection for the rental unit; provided, however, proof of registration of the rental unit shall authorize the landlord to rent a rental unit unitl an inpsection is performed.
(1990 Code, 6-421) (Ord. 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998) Penalty, see 150.999
Municipal Code Section 150.233 Results of Inspection
     (A) The city shall issue a certificate of inspection to a landlord if, after inspection, the rental unit meets applicable law.
     (B) If a rental unit is in violation of any applicable law, the city sahll mail a written report of the violation to the landlord within 21 days of the inspection. The city shall allow the landlord 21 days to correct the violations. The report shall state a reinspection date. A copy of the report will be available at City Hall. The landlord's failure to receive a copy of the report does not limit the city's right to enforce these requirements.
     (C) The city shall issue a certificate of inspection if the violations are corrected. If the violations are not corrected, a certificate of inpsection shall not isssue and the city may take whatever action is necessary to enforce compliance with the applicable laws.
(1990 Code, 6-422) (Ordinace 98-1875, passed 12-21-1998)
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