Special Refuse Programs

Clean Up Days

Clean Up Days are held twice per year on residents' regular solid waste collection day — once in the spring and again in the fall. During this time period there is no limit on size or quantity of household refuse placed at the curb; however, yard waste must be prepared correctly. Remove doors from freezers and refrigerators. Do not fill appliances with trash. Liquid paint is not accepted at the curb. The City does not collect used tires, propane tanks, specified electronics, auto batteries or motor oil nor large demolition waste. There are several automotive places located throughout Galesburg that accept oil, or auto batteries for free and tires or propane tanks for a nominal fee. Call 345-3614 for more information.
City Ordinance permits the Police Department to cite individuals bringing in waste from out-of-town. City of Galesburg residential homeowners are paying 100% of the cost for the curbside solid waste collection program. If you notice anyone placing out-of-town trash at the curb for pick up, please contact the Police Department at the Public Safety Building, 343-9151.
Refer to the Recycling and Refuse Brochure for specific dates on this and other programs.

Disposing of Hypodermic Needles

For those who use sharps (needles, syringes and lancets) as part of their home medical needs, proper disposal of these items is very important for the safety of the solid waste collection staff. Sharps disposal should be in leak proof or shatter proof containers such as plastic detergent or bleach bottles. The lid should be on securely and wrapped with tape.

Physically and Financially Handicapped Service

This service is available to residents that are physically handicapped, live alone and are financially incapable of paying someone to take the refuse to the curb. Qualifying residents are limited to one plastic bag or can at a location other than the terrace. A doctor certification and a copy of your most recent income tax return is required. Call 345-3638 for an application.

Disposal of Paint and Other Liquids

If you must discard this type of waste, such as paint, it must be solidified before disposing in your trash. Some products will dry out or evaporate if you remove the lids. One way to solidify paint is to place cat litter in something disposable and pour the paint into the cat litter and let it dry completely. Place the empty paint can with the lid removed by your trash pile.

Ninety-Gallon Cart Rental

Residents may rent a 96-gallon wheeled cart for their household refuse at the rate of $3.50 per month. Residents will be billed by the contractor for this additional service. Benefits include using fewer trash cans and resistance to animals. Interested? call Waste Management at 343-0256.
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News & Announcements

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