Nothing fishy about Sitka Salmon expansion

July 23, 2013 08:37 AM
Nic Mink, of Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares, located at the Sustainable Business Center (SBC) in Galesburg, has embarked on an expansion that will more than triple the size of their facility. Two industrial size freezers were recently installed, along with an increase in summer staff and the addition of a Business Development professional for the restaurant sector.

Sitka Salmon founder Nic Mink said, "We’re excited about the expansion. Last year we were at 300% of our sales goal, and this year looks just as favorable as we added Madison and Indianapolis as markets and opened a new channel into the restaurant sector, including this year's Midwest James Beard award winner, L'etoille in Madison and Cerulean Restaurant in Indianapolis, recently named one of the country's 12 best new restaurants. We feel we’re getting the consumer acceptance we need to continue our growth."

Sitka specializes in bringing consumers in the Midwest the highest-quality, most sustainably-produced seafood direct from small boat fishermen in Southeast Alaska. Sitka’s innovative distribution system and commitment to sustainability places Sitka Salmon Shares, and Galesburg, at the front of a new movement in the nation’s food chain. Mink went on to explain, "Being part of the SBC has been a great experience for us. Between the support we’ve received from the SBC and the city’s Economic Development team we feel we’ve really found a home in the Midwest."

Sitka has garnered a lot of attention and praise from a number of commentators, including Forbes magazine which featured Sitka in its Foodie Holiday Gift List in 2012, several sustainable food publications and the Chicago Innovation Awards as a 2012 and 2013 nominee. While attention like this welcomed, an even more important indicator of Sitka’s acceptance is its year over year customer retention. Mink allowed, "It’s a company secret, but it’s very favorable. We’re very happy with the number." 

Commenting on Sitka’s success was Gary Camarano, with the EBI Network, saying, "Sitka is a great example of an innovative company looking at new business models and ways of reaching new customers. It’s wonderful to see them at the SBC, and to see them expanding. Success like this attracts other entrepreneurs and we should see a few more new tenants join the SBC in the near future. It bodes well for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Galesburg/West Central Illinois Region."

For additional information about Sitka Salmon Shares call 309-342-3474 or visit their web site at Call now as the Salmon season will soon be getting into full swing.



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