Local Landmarks

There are currently 23 designated local historic landmarks. When your property is granted local landmark status, it is protected from drastic changes that would affect the exterior historic or architectural character and it will ensure that same protection for future generations. 

Any improvement to a Local Landmark that is visible from a public way requires a Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A), available through the GLC. Through guidelines outlined in Galesburg’s Historic Preservation ordinance and partnering with the Galesburg Landmark Commission (GLC), property owners are provided resources that afford them options when considering changes, as well as parameters designed to help maintain the historic significance of the property.
Carl Sandburg Birthplace, 331 East Third Street
Designated April 6, 1978
Central Congregational Church, 60 Public Square
Designated September 19, 1977
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Maley House, 422 North Cherry Street
Designated July 5, 1988
Dr. George E. Luster House, 756 North Broad Street
Designated September 22, 1980
Dr. W.S. Williamson House, 450 North Kellogg Street
Designated September 19, 1977
George Lawrence House and Barn, 590 North Prairie Street
Designated August 29, 1977
George W. Gale Home, 127 East North Street
Designated September 19, 1977
Hope Cemetery, 64 South Academy Street
Designated February 18, 1980
Isaac Burton Home, 774 North Broad Street
Designated June 17, 1985
John C. Fahnestock House, 591 North Prairie Street
Designated September 19, 1977
John C. Stewart House, 483 North Kellogg Street
Designated June 19, 1989
John William Lescher House, 534 North Broad Street
Designated April 17, 1978
Nehemiah West Home, 288 North Broad Street
Designated February 18, 1980
Old Brooks Street Fire Station, 564 East Brooks Street
Designated August 18, 1986
Old Central Fire Station, 150 East Simmons Street
Designated August 15, 1977
Old City Hall, 161 South Cherry Street
Designated October 31, 1977
Patch-Sisson House, 435 North Kellogg Street
Designated August 15, 1977
Smith-Moreland Mansion, 455 North Prairie Street
Designated October 31, 1977
Taylor Commercial, 62 South Seminary Street
Designated November 21, 1977
W. S. Purington Home, 464 North Prairie Street
Designated August 15, 1988
Wedgewood House, 537 North Academy Street
Designated September 17, 1979
Wilkins Seacord Residence, 624 North Cherry Street
Designated January 16, 1989
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