Aluminum Castings’ expansion project to create jobs

February 6, 2012 01:39 PM
Aluminum Castings Corp., a sand mold aluminum casting foundry specializing in high quality green sand and air set aluminum castings, is expanding in Galesburg. The company is adding an 11,500 square foot addition to its South Street facility, and investing $2,000,000 in the project. The addition means 16 – 26 new jobs over the next two years. The expansion project is currently underway and expected to be completed by March 15, 2012.
According to Mayor Sal Garza, "the expansion signifies that businesses in Galesburg are moving forward after meeting many challenges head on over the last few years. Aluminum Castings wanted to remain in Galesburg, and the Economic and Community Development teams were very responsive and proactive in securing this opportunity, and worked hard to make sure the expansion happened and Aluminum Castings remains in Galesburg." Mayor Garza also stated that, "the jobs are quality, family sustaining jobs. We are confident that our assertive efforts will continue to attract these types of jobs and that even in these challenging economic times Galesburg will continue to make progress."
The Mayor went on to point out, "There is an increase in business activity and expansion among our manufacturing sector here in Galesburg and the region, and we expect to be able to announce more projects in the near future. This is a trend we are working to continue."
Aluminum Castings President, Bret Markum, stated, "We wanted to remain in Galesburg because of the success we’ve had with our work force here. There are good employees and potential employees in the region, and being able to expand here is very satisfying and reassuring. We don’t expect any surprises. We know what we have here and are very confident in the future success of the facility."
Markum explained that both types of Aluminum Castings’ sand molds have complex internal sand coring using their high quality shell core sands, cold box sand cores, air set, or no-bake sand
cores, and oil sand cores to supply customers with a wide variety of aluminum casting options.
Markum went on to state, "Aluminum Castings cast several aluminum alloys in our aluminum casting process and our affiliation with Alcast allows us to offer customers a wider variety of aluminum castings options. We currently produce 70,000 lbs. / month at the facility and the expansion will allow us to double our production."
The Aluminum Castings expansion is one of several projects the city has been recently involved. City Manager Todd Thompson expressed optimism, "that the city is going to be able to continue to help create new businesses, expand and retain existing businesses and attract businesses to Galesburg and the region." Thompson noted that a pro-growth city council has been a significant contributor to the city’s successes.


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