Bulgarian Ag Trade Mission to Visit Galesburg/West Central Illinois

January 10, 2014 03:17 PM
 The City of Galesburg and the Bulgarian Consulate in Chicago have announced plans for an Agribusiness Trade Mission to the West Central Illinois Region.  Planning of the trip is in progress and dates will be confirmed upon the availability of the delegates.  According to Gary Camarano, Galesburg’s Global Strategies Director, "The City and the Bulgarian Consulate have been meeting for the past few months to discuss an inbound Agribusiness Trade Mission to the region. We’re looking to host 15 – 20 Bulgarian Agribusiness Representatives and high light our region’s agribusinesses – everything from seed, fertilizers, pest control, irrigation, machinery, livestock and agricultural research. The region has a strong agribusiness industry cluster and this will be a perfect way to present it potential partners in Bulgaria."


Bulgarian Consul General Simeon Stoilov remarked, "We are excited to bring this trade mission to the Galesburg/West Central Illinois Region. Illinois has some of the most productive farms in the U.S. and it’s obviously not just luck. We’d like to see how American growers operate, and some of the products and services they use to obtain their success. We would also like to share best practices and see if what we can learn from one another."


Bulgaria, a Southeast European country with a Parliamentary Democracy has adopted political democracy and a free market system since rejecting Communism in 1990, and is a member of the European Union and the NATO Alliance.  While the majority of Bulgaria’s trade is with neighboring countries, Bulgaria is looking to expand trade around the globe, particularly with the U.S. 


The Trade Mission will spend several days in the region, visiting all types of agribusinesses, from growers and support services, to educational and research facilities, and value added processors. Camarano said, "We want to give our guest the big picture of agribusiness in the region. We do it well here, and I think we’ve a lot to share with our guest. The establishment of bi-lateral commercial relationships as well as educational and cultural exchanges is very much on our ‘to-do-list’."  


The Trade Mission is planned for the spring, and more announcements regarding the itinerary will be forthcoming. The city will be recruiting businesses from the region to present products and services to the Trade Mission. Interested parties should contact Gary Camarano at gary.camarano@ebinetwork.org  or 309/371-0474 if they interested in participating or have questions.



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