Community Service Unit

The mission of the Community Service Unit (CSU) is to preserve and enhance the livability of Galesburg neighborhoods through the enforcement of nuisance, housing, and property maintenance codes while working with property owners to resolve code enforcement issues.

As complaints of code violations are brought to the attention of the CSU staff, inspectors are dispatched to the property to document the conditions. Inspections of this nature can be made from nearby public areas such as streets, sidewalks or some alleys. Going onto the property is not done unless there are unusual circumstances, usually involving a public safety issue. Notice of violations are sent to the property owner and to the current resident noting the section of municipal code that is in violation and providing important dates for when follow up inspections will occur. Also included in the notice is information on what to expect if the notice is ignored. Fees, fines and court action are all possible when a violation goes unchecked.

Code enforcement issues may be brought to the CSU's attention by:

  • Phone
  • In person

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Community Service Unit

Sue E. Davidson, Community Service Supervisor
City Hall
55 W. Tompkins Street
Galesburg, IL 61401
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