Planning and Zoning

Comprehensive Plan Map

A .pdf map of Future Land Use that you can zoom and view. This map shows such future uses as parks, residential development, commercial development, office, and industrial park.


Annexation Petition

The process to annex property located outside the City limits begins with the submittal of an annexation petition. If the parcel has registered voters (Electors) residing on the property, use the ELECTORS petition. If none of the individuals residing on the property are registered voters, use the NO ELECTORS petition. Complete all blanks on the petition and return to: Planning Department, P.O. Box 1387, Galesburg, IL 61401. There is no fee associated with annexation. Some annexation requests require a pre-annexation agreement. The City Council must approve an ordinance before the property can be legally annexed into the city limits.

Land Subdivision

Before a piece of property can be divided into smaller parcels and sold, the property must be subdivided. A subdivision plat, meeting all required items in Chapter 152, Subdivision Regulations Generally, of the Galesburg Code of Ordinances, must be prepared by an Illinois registered land surveyor. The plat, along with the attached Subdivision application, must be submitted to the City of Galesburg for Planning and Zoning Commission review and City Council approval. Complete all blanks on the application and return to: Community Development, P.O. Box 1387, Galesburg, Illinois 61402. The appropriate filing fee, as listed on the application, must be paid at the time the application is submitted. Make checks payable to "City of Galesburg." This filing fee is non-refundable. The petitioner(s) or a representative must be present at the Plan Commission meeting during which the subdivision plat is reviewed.


The City of Galesburg enforces a Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 152) within the City limits. The City also has zoning review authority of these areas outside the City limits within a 1 ½ mile distance from the City limits. The Zoning Ordinance controls the types of uses which can be located on properties. This is done by establishing different types of zoning districts and designating each property within the City as one of these zoning districts. Each zoning district has specific uses which are allowed without any further review (permissive uses) and uses allowed only after Board of Zoning Appeals review and approval (conditional uses). The Zoning Ordinance also establishes regulations regarding building setbacks, height restrictions, parking requirements, fencing restrictions, minimum lot areas and widths and outdoor lighting requirements.
Before an individual begins planning the construction of a building on a piece of property, the Zoning Ordinance should be checked to assure the proposed use is allowed on the site. Design or layout of the building can be impacted by the various requirements in the Zoning Ordinance. It is recommended the Community Development Department be contacted to discuss the zoning regulations that would be applicable to the proposed project.
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