Accident Response Team

The Galesburg Police Department has an accident response team. This team is compromised of officers that have received extensive training in the areas of vehicle crash investigation and reconstruction. These officers respond in cases of serious crashes involving injury and extensive property damage.

Bicycle Team

The Galesburg Police Department has a bicycle team. This team consists of officers who have received 40 hours of training in the proper operation and tactics of bicycle patrol. Bike patrol officers are used for many purposes. Bike officers conduct special details involving large numbers of citizens. This allows officers to navigate into areas where conventional patrol with patrol vehicles is not possible. The bike patrol also gives officers the ability to interact with the public in a way that cannot be done from a vehicle.

Canine Team

Officer_Sweeney___K-9_Kelly_Officer_Mings___K-9_AresThe Galesburg Police Department currently has two K9 officers assigned to the Canine team. These K9 teams can perform many functions useful to the police mission. Our K9 officers are full service police dogs trained in drug detection, tracking, controlled aggression, building searches, and article recovery. The K9 teams also conduct school searches and other public service functions

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