Rental, Housing and Nuisance Inspection Program

It is the purpose of the City of Galesburg Rental, Housing and Nuisance Inspection Program to ensure all housing in the City is maintained in a good, safe, and sanitary condition and does not create a nuisance or blighted conditions to its surroundings.   To ensure these conditions, the Planning Division provides for a two-fold inspection process: a rental inspection program for all rental units, and ongoing enforcement of nuisance, housing, and property maintenance codes.  Each program working with property owners, occupants and tenants to resolve implementation and code enforcement issues.

Rental Inspection Process

Every rental unit is subject to inspection under one of three categories:  Self-Inspection, City Inspection and City Inspection – Noncompliant. All new rentals must be City inspected before tenant occupancy.  If a complaint is received, any unit is subject to a City inspection.  Notice of inspections are sent to the landlord and tenant with a 15-business day window of notification. Once an inspection is completed a report will be mailed with a timeline for compliance to bring the property up to code. Fees, fines and court action are all possible when a violation goes unchecked.  For more information, please refer to the menu of documents on this page.

Rental Licensing

Rental licensing is completed and tracked through the City of Galesburg Clerk’s office.  The rental license application is included on this page for your convenience.

Rental Unit Definitions and Requirements

A tenant is the person(s) occupying the unit who is not the legal title holder of the unit. The property is not exempt from being a rental property even if there is no collection of rent or a family member occupies the unit.

A contract for deed (installment contract) property shall be considered a rental unit unless the contract for deed is recorded with the Knox County Recorder of Deeds; and the contract for deed complies with all other State requirements.  

No rental license will be issued to any landlord who owes any outstanding fines or fees to the City. Nor will a rental license be issued on a unit with outstanding housing minimum code violations.

There must be an active rental license beginning May 1 in any given year, in order to rent a unit in the City of Galesburg.  After May 31st, the late fee will be $10 per unit in addition to the regular $15 license fee per unit.  Your license fee is waived if the unit is fully sprinklered and hard-wired detectors are in the unit.

Nuisance and Housing Inspection Process

As complaints of code violations are brought to the attention of the Property Compliance staff, Property Compliance Officers are dispatched to the property to document the conditions. Inspections of this nature can be made from nearby public areas such as streets, sidewalks or some alleys. Going onto the property is not done without consent unless there are unusual circumstances, usually involving a public safety issue. Notice of violations are sent to the property owner and to the current resident noting the section of municipal code that is in violation and providing important dates for when follow up inspections will occur. Also included in the notice is information on what to expect if the notice is ignored. Fees, fines and court action are all possible when a violation goes unchecked. For more information, please refer to the menu of documents on this page.

Complaints & Issues

Rental complaints and code enforcement issues may be brought to the Property Compliance Officers' attention by phone at 345-3636 or 345-3638, or in person at the second floor counter at City Hall.

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