City of Galesburg to Provide Residents with Water Testing & Filters

April 27, 2016 12:53 PM
In response to recent recommendations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Galesburg will provide free water testing for all Galesburg water customers with a lead service line. Additionally, the City will provide water filters to residents whose testing exceeds the EPA lead action level. 
This decision comes after routine testing in the fall of 2015 found lead levels in drinking water in some homes that exceeded the federal lead action level. In compliance with regulations, notices were sent to all water customers informing them of elevated lead levels and steps that can be taken to reduce exposure. The City has been working closely with the Illinois EPA to ensure compliance and take appropriate action. After consulting with experts in water treatment, the City has modified its corrosion control program to further reduce the lead level and is conducting additional testing. At this time, the City is also working with consultants to complete a formal corrosion control study.
The City water does not have any lead in it at the source, in the treatment plant, in the mains, or anywhere else in the publicly owned portion of the system. However, privately owned lead water service lines running from the main to individual buildings, as well as lead piping and fixtures within those buildings may contain lead and the water can pick up lead when sitting in those pipes/fixtures for a length of time.
City Manager Todd Thompson said, "The City will continue to work with the Knox County Health Department and appropriate State agencies to develop a comprehensive solution to lead hazards, including taking appropriate action to identify and address the issues created by lead service lines." Consistent with this goal, the City will also work to develop quarterly public education regarding lead hazards.
Additional details on the program will be released in the near future. Residents who would like to utilize these services, should start with the first step of determining the type of service line at their property. This can be done by checking the online tool on the City of Galesburg website or calling the water division at 309/345-3649. 


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