City rolls out free downtown WiFi

April 4, 2013 09:48 AM

The city of Galesburg rolled out a new WiFi service called "City FreeWifi" in the downtown area which provides free Internet access for use by the public. City FreeWiFi is available along Main Street from the Public Square to Chambers Street in downtown Galesburg with some additional hotspots south of Main Street.


Council had identified free public WiFi as a priority more than a year ago and IT funds were used to purchase $12,000 in hardware for the project. The city’s Electrical Division staff has been installing the devices along Main Street over the past year. Growth is planned and the city’s parks and public areas are targeted for future expansion.


Galesburg City Manager Todd Thompson said, "The hope is this project will make Internet connection easy and convenient for foot traffic. As the public becomes more conditioned to having connectivity, this service can make our downtown area and parks more attractive."


Bandwidth speeds will be controlled and subject to the number of users connected to the service at any one time. Because of the limited bandwidth, City FreeWiFiis meant for the convenience of visitors and shoppers and should not be considered a replacement for Internet service from a local ISP for businesses in the coverage area.  






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