Clean Up Days coming September 15 - 19

The City of Galesburg would like to inform residents that Clean Up Days will be held September 15th - 19th.  Residents are encouraged  to clean out attics, garages, basements and backyards by getting rid of any large unwanted items.  During this special week, most things can be placed at the curg on your regular refuse pick up day by 6 a.m. without extra charge.  Clean Up Days occurs on residents' refuse day (not the entire week).
The purpose of Clean Up Days is to provide an opportunity for residents to remove appliances, furniture, etc. not entire garages.  Please help the solid waste collection crew by bagging and bundling your waste.  It is much easier for the Waste Management Staff to collect bagged and bundled items.
There are some restrictions to this event. Liquid paint, auto batteries, propane tanks, demo waste, concrete chunks, large auto parts, motor oil and tires cannot be accepted. Also, certain electronic devices such as computer equipment, televisions, FAX machines, DVD player/recorders, VCRs, video game consoles, iPods/portable digital music players, digital converter boxes, and cable/satellite receivers will not be accepted. None of these items can be disposed of in the landfill.
Yard waste will still need to be placed in appropriate containers and cumbersome items like play sets or antenna towers should be broken down or disassembled. Doors should be removed from large appliances for safety.
Clean Up Days is funded entirely by City of Galesburg residents. Waste from businesses and out-of-town sources are prohibited. In addition, scavenging items from the curb is not allowed. Violators can be fined.
For more information about this and other refuse or recycling programs, please call Community Development. You can also refer to the 2014 Recycling and Refuse Guide found on the City’s website located at under Community Development.

Contact: Julie R. Main, Associate Planner

Phone: 309/345-3614




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