Combating Kitchen Fires 2020

January 22, 2020 01:51 PM
In the second week of December, the Galesburg Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm activation in an apartment building. Upon arrival firefighters discovered that there was light smoke in the air, some soot on the stove around the skillet, and a bunch of white powder in and around the stovetop. Stovetop Firestop had extinguished the fire. (Stovetop Firestops are small unique devices that mount to your vent hood or microwave above your stove. If a fire breaks out on the stove, the flame activates a fuse that releases powder, which puts the fire out.) 


Cooking fires are the leading cause of home and apartment fires. This all too common story could have resulted in much more property damage and possible life safety issues without this handy device. Stovetop Firestops can save your home and your life. These can be purchased online or at retail department stores.

To keep you and your family safe GFD recommends following these kitchen safety tips:

·         Never leave cooking food unattended.

·         Keep a fire extinguisher somewhere (like under the sink) and know how to use it.

·         Never put water on a grease fire.  Put the lid on the pan, or use baking soda or a fire extinguisher. 

·         Keep flammables like dish towels and paper/plastic away from hot stoves.

·         Call 911 any time there is a fire.


Contact: Galesburg Fire Department

Phone: 309.345.3757



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