Construction Starts on City of Galesburg's New Transit Maintenance Facility and Amtrak Station Enhancement

On Thursday, November 20th, the City of Galesburg will celebrate the start of construction on its new Transit Maintenance Facility, as well as on an expansion/renovation of its Amtrak station. 


The City will host a Groundbreaking Ceremony at 10:30 a.m. at the Transit Maintenance Facility located at 1025 Monmouth Boulevard. Immediately following the Transit Maintenance Groundbreaking Ceremony, the public is then encouraged to attend a Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Amtrak station located at 225 South Seminary Street. 


Roy Parkin, Director of Community Development, said, "The City has been planning for both these projects for quite some time. This is wonderful to be at the building stage for these much needed improvements. The City wants to thank Governor Quinn, Acting Secretary Borggren, and the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Public & Intermodal Transportation staff for all their assistance in making both projects a reality."


Both projects, designed by Legat Architects, will combine functions to achieve greater efficiencies and improved access to resources.


The $4.62 million Transit Maintenance Facility will be funded with $1.57 million of federal funds and $3.05 million of state funds. The $730,000 Amtrak station project will be funded with $690,000 of federal funds and $40,000 of state funds. Additionally, there will be an estimated 22 construction jobs associated with the projects.  The buildings should be fully operational by September 1, 2015.


Transit Maintenance Facility

Galesburg Transit’s current maintenance facility has size limitations in accommodating the existing bus fleet. Additionally, Galesburg Handivan, which serves people with special transit needs, provides administrative duties in a temporary location while the vans are stored outside at a separate location. 


The new Transit Maintenance Facility will bring both branches under one roof as an efficient transportation hub. Highlights of the 20,300-square-foot building include:


  • Administrative area for Galesburg Transit and Galesburg Handivan with combined resources
  • Indoor storage to house entire fleet of both branches
  • Two-bay maintenance area for Galesburg Transit
  • Wash bay for both Galesburg Transit and Galesburg Handivan


Jeff Sandberg, project manager at Legat Architects’ Quad Cities studio, said, "Indoor storage will extend the life of all the vehicles, and the building layout will maximize staff productivity."


Architects designed a pitched roof on the administrative area to complement neighboring homes.


Amtrak Station Enhancement

An expansion and upgrades will transform the Galesburg Amtrak station into a multi-modal center. It will house enclosed waiting for not only Amtrak passengers, but also for passengers of Burlington Trailways, an intercity regional bus line.


The project includes two 700-square-foot additions, which include:


  • Upgrade the existing facility’s amenities including improvements to the restrooms and HVAC system
  • Enclose the south portico to create an area for the Burlington Trailways ticket office along with an additional patron waiting area
  • Enclose the north portico for extra storage space for Amtrak and for checked baggage


The expansion will offer better views into the building to improve safety along with interior views to the train tracks.


Green Technology

Sustainable principles played an important role in the design of the facilities. For instance, both projects include high-efficiency walls, LED lighting, and HVAC systems. The Transit Maintenance Facility features a clerestory that brings natural light into the vehicle storage area, reducing the artificial light load. Both projects are designed to exceed standards of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.





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