Energy Aggregation & Community Solar

November 5, 2019 10:41 AM
In order to help keep Galesburg residents informed of options and developments related to energy aggregation and community solar agreements, information on both programs is provided below. 

Energy Aggregation
The Galesburg City Council, at the April 16, 2018 meeting, approved an agreement with Homefield Energy for municipal aggregation of electricity supply. Enrollment in the aggregation program was automatic for Galesburg citizens and users only needed to take action if they choose to opt-out of the program. 
Other energy suppliers may solicit Galesburg residents and small commercial businesses via phone, mailings, or door-to-door to enroll with their company. Caution is recommended, as these suppliers are not the "supplier of choice" and may not be able to provide the same rates or assurances as Homefield Energy. Enrollment with any other alternative energy supplier would opt the user out of the municipal aggregation with Homefield Energy.  
Community Solar 
In addition to alternative energy suppliers, citizens may also receive information from companies promoting opportunities to buy into community solar projects in return for discounts on their bills. Enrolling in such an offer would not necessarily opt the user out of municipal aggregation if the energy supplier did not change. However, each offer should be evaluated thoroughly. 
Letters recently received by Galesburg residents references such savings "from a new community solar project". While the City of Galesburg has agreed to host four potential community solar gardens (see related article on solar projects), the solar project indicated in the letter is unrelated and not in partnership with the City of Galesburg.  Under Illinois’ community solar program, subscribers can enter into an agreement that helps fund a solar installation in their community—or somewhere in their utility’s service territory—in exchange for a credit on their bills. 
Regardless of who supplies the electricity or if a subscriber enters into a solar agreement, Ameren remains the delivery company. Citizens would continue to contact Ameren for any issues with outages, service calls or emergencies.
In order to help citizens evaluate offers and differentiate between energy aggregation and community solar, more information on both programs can be found through the links below. 


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