Energy aggregation letters are in the mail

February 11, 2013 05:25 PM
Galesburg residents have started receiving the Homefield Energy letters explaining the energy aggregation program. These letters are from Homefield Energy and include the city's logo for identification.
The number one questions most residents have is "How do I sign up?" There is nothing to sign in order to participate and take advantage of the lower electrical energy rates. Residents need not do anything else. The transition to Homefield Energy will occur automatically unless an "opt-out" card is filled out and submitted. If residents are asked to sign a document to "sign up" for service, then it is not the Homefield Energy program that was awarded by the city.
Residents already under contract with another energy supplier will need to check their contract for applicable fees if they want to switch to Homefield Energy. Those already under contract will not be enrolled automatically.
Utility bills will still come from Ameren and payments will still be made to Ameren. In addition, payment plans such as the PIPP program will not change. Outages and service issues will still be reported to Ameren.
Questions about energy aggregation in Galesburg may be directed to the City Manager's office at 309/345-3628.


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