Energy Aggregation Program

January 21, 2015 04:47 PM
Galesburg, IL (January 21, 2015) The City Council, at its January 20th meeting, chose Homefield Energy as the supplier for the residential and small commercial aggregation program. The approved contract came after a RFP process conducted by DaCott Energy Services, Inc. the city’s consultant, and provides 100% renewable energy to be purchased at a discounted rate. Homefield, who is the current supplier for the program, will be providing electricity at a fixed rate of $0.04345 per Kilowatt-hour (the current contracted rate) through the July 2015 meter read date. The rate provided will then be $0.05383 per Kilowatt-hour for twelve month period which includes electricity used from the July 2015 meter read date through the July 2016 meter read date. The electricity provided by Homefield Energy will be 100% from renewable sources, allowing Galesburg residents to continue to play a part in deducing carbon emissions.
Although this agreement reflects an increase in cost from the last negotiated contract, it is still believed that the new contract will reflect cost savings over standard Ameren rates. Should rates with Ameren fall below the contracted amount of $0.05383 per Kilowatt-hour during the time of this agreement, Homefield Energy will assist customers in returning to Ameren for electric supply at no charge to the customer, allowing the residents to always have access to the lowest option available.
The city will not be selling or generating the energy nor is it required to make any investments in generation facilities to meet this demand. Homefield Energy will manage the process of acquiring and selling the renewable energy to the residents.
Residents and small commercial businesses will soon be receiving a letter from the City of Galesburg C/O Homefield Energy detailing the terms of the supply arrangement. Users will have a 21-day window to "opt-out" of the program, if they choose, and go back to Ameren for electric supply or negotiate their own contract with another supplier. However, energy aggregation benefits everyone by using the collective buying power to leverage a negotiated lower price per Kilowatt hour.
As stated, users will have the freedom to "opt out." There is no charge for doing so and it is as easy as following the instructions in the notice provided. Enrollment in the aggregation program is automatic and users need do nothing more to participate. Once the enrollment process is complete, residential and small commercial business users new to the program will receive a notice from Ameren showing that the electric supplier will be Homefield Energy.
Other energy suppliers may solicit Galesburg residents and small commercial businesses via phone, mailings, or door-to-door to sign with their company. Caution is recommended as these suppliers are not the "supplier of choice" and may not be able to provide the same rates or assurances as Homefield Energy.
No matter who supplies the electricity, Ameren remains the delivery company. All Galesburg users would continue to contact Ameren in the case of outages, services calls and emergencies.
Questions about this program can be directed to the Purchasing Agent at 309/345-3678.


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