Energy Aggregation referendum passes

November 7, 2012 03:04 PM

Illinois law provides municipalities with the opportunity to assist their residents and small businesses in reducing their electricity costs. Municipalities can aggregate the electric load of their residential and qualifying small businesses into one, larger load and then solicit bids for electricity supply and related services for this larger group. These bids will reflect the electricity portion only; Ameren will continue to deliver the electricity across existing poles and wires. In the recent election, Galesburg voters passed a referendum giving the city of Galesburg authority to solicit bids for electricity supply and related services for all participating residents and small businesses.

Now that referendum has been approved, the city of Galesburg will:

  • Hold two public meetings to discuss the program and provide citizens with the opportunity to ask questions related to the aggregation program (dates are to be determined);
  • Develop a plan of governance detailing the steps to be taken in implementing the program;
  • Solicit bids for electricity and related services from qualified suppliers; and
  • Enter into a contract with the selected supplier if, and only if, the supplier’s pricing is lower than the rates currently available from Ameren.
    • The city is under no obligation to enter into any contract if it does not meet the program objective of lowering costs for Galesburg citizens.

The passage of this referendum does not require an individual to participate in the aggregation program:

  • You may choose to "opt-out" of the program for any reason by submitting an opt-out request.
  • If you opt-out, you will continue to receive electricity service from your current supplier.

For more information:

Or contact: 
DaCott Energy Services, Ltd.
P: 866/878-3492 


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