FAQ: Registration & Rental Software Change

April 12, 2021 11:00 AM
We at Galesburg Parks & Recreation are pleased to announce that online registration is now available through SmartRec by Amilia. After the discontinuation of our previous registration system was announced, our department began the search for a new provider in 2019. We found that Amilia met most of our needs and had many additional features that will serve you well. Our favorite part is the ease of use: once you learn how to use the system, registrations will take only minutes.
Beginning 4/6/2021, you can register for future programs & memberships at the website linked below. Our office and pool staff will begin operating with this software later this week. You can expect full switch over by 4/15 at all locations.
What does this mean for you today?
If you have an existing rental, membership, registration, credit or balance, those will be transferred over to the new system. There should be no active effort on your part to make those transfers. All future registrations, memberships, & rentals will be done through SmartRec.Transfers will be completed by 4/15. Credit/Debit Card Payments All locations will accept credit & debit cards beginning 5/1. Specifically this includes: Lakeside Recreation Office, Lakeside Water Park, Lake Storey Beach, Lake Storey Ballfield, Hawthorne Pool, Hawthorne Gym, & all remote sites for basketball.
Do I have an account set up already?
Maybe. Those who had a rental, membership, or ongoing activity will be transferred over. BUT anyone who didn’t have an email address did not get transferred over - the new system requires an email address. Check your email for an invite to join SmartRec by Amilia! I got an email saying I owe money? During the transfer some auto-emails went out stating a balance was due. If you already paid for a rental, but received this contact, your paid status hasn’t changed. You can check your account online to confirm. If it isn’t correct after 4/15 please contact the office at 345-3683 or for assistance.
Do I need an email address to register?
Yes. All accounts need an email address tied to them. All receipts & general communications are sent via email. If you need assistance accessing a computer to set up your email, please contact the public library. There are many free email services available to choose from.
How do I get a receipt?
Receipts are sent automatically to your email address for purchases like activities, memberships, & rentals. POS items (concessions, items, some daily admissions etc) are available by request (prior to ringing up). If you need a printed receipt, we are able to provide those at the recreation office during standard business hours.
Pool Memberships, Aquafitness, Lap Sign Up
● Pool memberships for Hawthorne pool are now available under multipasses. Sign up online for your 90 or 30 day membership. This will give you access to reserve lanes and spaces at aquafit for the duration of the membership. You will be prompted to "purchase" a pool membership at no cost as well.This is how we get a membership ID to tie to your account.
● Aquafitness participants will need to pre-book their spots prior to the class starting. This can be done online, through the office or at the pool desk between classes. Look under activities for Aquatic Fitness classes to reserve your spot today.
● Lap reservations will be available through the activity registration area starting 4/16. This is currently available online or through the office. Later this month you will be able to do your future sign ups at the pool as well. You will be asked to pre-pay at the time of registration. If you sign up for multiple dates a small discount will be applied.
Where did league registrations go?
● Teams will register under Register > Adult Softball. Please note the fees may look a little weird. Player fees are an add on & don’t show on the main screen, but will pop up as you check out.
● Individuals. After the team registration is completed, a separate registration link will be available for your team. This will only be available via invite from your team captain. The office will still be available to assist with player registrations if you have any questions or difficulties.
Do I need to keep checking the rainout line?
Yes. For now anyway. We are looking into other options that are integrated with SmartRec, but at this time we plan to continue using the Rainout Line for closures & cancellations.
Amilia has an app, do I need it?
Maybe. If you use a membership it will be useful. Otherwise you may not need it. If the function of the app changes in the future, we will let you know.
What happens with my tennis punch pass?
This spring we will continue using the paper punch cards. We will be reviewing whether a virtual version of the punch pass is practical for implementation in the fall.
Quick Guides for Amilia Amilia has a robust online guide for your reference if you get stuck. Please see these links for common questions, new processes, & information.
Create or log into my account
Navigate your account
Manage your account (household) members
How to make a purchase or register
Saving your credit card on file
Access your membership cards
Lots of other informative things
A Final Note
As we move forward, additional services are planned to be unrolled. These services include: online rentals for shelters, gazebos, green spaces, tennis courts, multipurpose courts, hawthorne pool, subscriptions for pool memberships, & digital waivers. More services may be available as the service is explored by staff. We look forward to serving you in a more efficient way in the coming months. Thank you for your patience as we implement the new services at every location. Staff plan to have all rentals, memberships, registrations, & credits/balances completely transferred by 4/15. As diligent as our staff are, there will likely be minor issues due to the transition. Please let us know if you experience anything that is incorrect & we will do our best to address it.


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