Flashing yellow arrows installed at major intersections

December 5, 2012 11:34 AM
The Illinois Department of Transportation has been busy installing flashing yellow arrow signals at major intersections in Galesburg since late September.  According to information from IDOT, a national study showed that drivers make fewer mistakes when such yellow arrows are used. When the arrow is green, drivers wishing to turn left may proceed and make the turn. When the steady yellow arrow appears, drivers wishing to turn left should prepare to stop or be prepared to complete the turn if they are legally within the intersection and there is no conflicting traffic present. When the arrow is red, drivers wishing to turn left must stop and wait. When the flashing yellow arrow appears, drivers wishing to turn left may proceed after yielding to traffic and oncoming pedestrians. Use caution while turning on a flashing yellow arrow as oncoming traffic has the green light. 
The following intersections in Galesburg have been upgraded (or will be upgraded in the near future):
  1. Main Street and Linwood (this intersection is scheduled for completion in early 2013); 
  2. Linwood Road and Monmouth Boulevard; 
  3. Henderson Street and Carl Sandburg Drive; 
  4. Henderson Street and Home Boulevard; 
  5. Henderson Street and Dayton Street; 
  6. Henderson Street and Fremont Street; 
  7. Henderson Street and Losey Street; 
  8. Henderson Street and Main Street; 
  9. Seminary Street and US 34 ramp; 
  10. Main Street and Academy Street; and 
  11. Lake Storey Road and US 150 (this intersection is completed but not activated at this time).
Learn more about flashing yellow arrow signals and how they work by viewing a video produced by IDOT District 4 and hosted on YouTube.com.


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