Fusion Tech Expansion – Plans to create over 72 new jobs

March 20, 2012 02:54 PM
 Recently there has been a noticeable uptick in activity in the region's manufacturing sector. Last month Galesburg's Aluminum Castings, Inc. added 11,500 square feet and announced plans to hire up to 26 new employees; last week Gates Corp. looks to add up to 80 new jobs, and today, Fusion Tech of Roseville announced that will be hiring over 72 new employees over the next two years.
According to Brandon & Kathy Bentz, owners/founders of Fusion Tech, "The expansion is the result of a contract with a major manufacturer of industrial radiators and heat exchangers. We'll be hiring three welders a month for the next two years. Additionally we'll need management and support personnel as well. This will more than double our size and put us in a whole new ball game. It's a very exciting day for us."
Bryan Ahee, Fusion Tech VP Information Technology, added, "The EBI Network has been working with us on several innovation projects - their Innovation Certification Program and the Chicago Innovation Awards (Fusion Tech was a finalist) - and by adopting an innovative culture here we've been able to move from a 'job shop' to a full production facility. We are very much in a growth mode, and expect more to come."
Gary Camarano, Global Strategies Director for the EBI Network notes, "The recent expansion of area manufacturers, like Fusion Tech, is obviously a good sign for the region. Manufacturing and metal fabrication is something we do well here, and companies like Fusion Tech - entrepreneurial and innovative - are making significant progress, growing and looking ahead to the future." Camarano added there have been a lot of collaborative efforts by various ED groups, among them, the State of Illinois DCEO, Workforce Investment Board, and the EBI Network to help Fusion Tech with its growth plans, "but the real credit goes to Fusion Tech - owners, management and employees - for creating an outstanding business model, product and customer service experience.".
Fusion Tech is a steel fabrication company, with over 15 years of experience and expertise in creating customized solutions for a variety of clients in the food, pharmaceutical, transportation, and agricultural industries. Fusion Tech's latest ventures include Stainless Reflections (www.stainlessreflections.com), TributeScan (www.tributescan.com), & Snaptivation (www.snaptivation.com). For additional information visit www.ftiinc.org .


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