Galesburg participating in inbound trade mission from Kazakhstan

October 28, 2013 03:55 PM
The Republic of Kazakhstan Healthcare Trade Mission has arrived in the United States, and plans on visiting several U.S. cities to meet with healthcare and medical companies. The purpose of the trade is to connect Kazakhstani healthcare companies with U.S. counterparts that can provide solutions, products and services to the Kazakhstan marketplace. The trade mission is composed of twelve private sector companies and has a full schedule: Washington D.C. October 18 - 26, then traveling to Minneapolis October 26 - 30, Chicago October 30 through November 4, and Memphis November 4 -8.
The trade mission is sponsored by the Republic of Kazakhstan and managed here in the U.S. by Judith Oliver, Program Manager, IESC. For information about the companies in the trade mission and the business opportunities they seek contact Ms. Oliver at (202) 589-2625 or .
Kazakhstan is a Central Asian country strategically located on the historic Silk Routes Trade Route. Rich in natural resources, Kazakhstan is making economic progress in becoming a ‘value added’ producer of goods and services. Earlier this year, at the Silk Road Trade Route Conference in Chicago, Kazakhstan Ambassador to the U.S., Kairat Umarov commented, "Given Kazakhstan location near three of the BRICS nations, and the amount of trade we are doing with these countries, they should spell "BRICS’ with a K for Kazakhstan."
Gary Camarano, Global Strategies Director for the city of Galesburg, IL, said, "We have met with the Ambassador and his staff and have seen opportunity in connecting businesses from the Galesburg Region with the businesses in the Kazakhstan trade missions. They are eager for mutually beneficial trade relations and our companies can help them. Their last trade mission to the area, food processing, made a lot of sense to me because of the strong agribusiness in our region. I am happy to cooperate with our Kazakhstani friends and try to connect businesses with them."
Mr. Camarano is organizing businesses in Illinois to meet with Kazakhstani companies in Chicago on October 30 through November 4. Businesses wanting more information can contact Mr. Camarano.


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