Galesburg Transit Routes on Google Maps

October 26, 2018 04:01 PM
Galesburg Transit passengers can now utilize Google Maps for trip planning. The City of Galesburg and Galesburg Transit have collaborated with TransSystems to incorporate this new feature into Galesburg’s current transit system.
Through this new capability, users can look up directions on Google Maps, choose "transit", and the corresponding bus line will be displayed. The information populated also includes directions to the nearest bus stop, how often that bus line departs, and the approximate length/time of the route.
"This is a great new feature, especially for individuals who would like to utilize the bus system, but are unsure of what route they need, or where the bus stops are located," said Julie Main. "By utilizing a universal program that many people already use for trip planning purposes, visitors to the community will also be able to easily identify the public transportation options, without navigating to an additional website or app." 
Galesburg Transit is a not-for-profit corporation contracted by the City of Galesburg to provide public transportation. Galesburg Transit operates four fixed routes, Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Having the routes available for trip planning on Google Maps, provides a simple and effective way for passengers to identify the best route for their trip.
To access the trip planning feature through Google Maps, navigate to Google Maps ( or open the Google Maps app, enter the destination, and select the transit icon. This will populate the route and station choices for the trip. For more information on Galesburg Transit or the new trip planning features through Google Maps, contact Julie Main, Associate Planner, at 309/345-3614 or


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