Galesburg's recycling program to change next month

November 16, 2012 11:27 AM
Galesburg's recycling program will change soon to an every other week pick up schedule. After a successful pilot program conducted over a 90 day period in a Galesburg neighborhood earlier this year, city council approved the new solid waste contract with this modification. This change which becomes effective in December only modifies the recycling program. The regular solid waste curbside pickup schedule will remain as is.
For recycling only, pickup will occur every other week. Each route has been split in two, making each route have an "odd" and "even" schedule. Residents will still have refuse picked up on the same day every week but recycling will only be picked up every other week. 
Waste Management has produced a calendar specific for each area of town to identify recycling days beginning in December, 2012 and going through December, 2013. The calendar is being mailed out with the annual Recycling and Refuse Program guide next week. Also included with the calendar and Recycling and Refuse Program guide will be a recycling information sheet to remind residents what can and cannot be recycled. These documents provide useful information that residents can refer to all year long.
New recycling carts will be making their way to residents' curbs very soon and will take the place of the 18 gallon bins currently in use; or residents may choose to continue using the bin. The carts are durable and come with wheels making transport of two weeks' worth of household recycling to the curb less of a burden. In addition, the attached lid eliminates blowing litter that often occurs with use of the open bin. 
Look for the complete Recycling and Refuse Program guide to arrive in your mailbox next week. For answers to your recycling or solid waste disposal questions, contact the Community Development at 309/345-3614 or Waste Management at 309/343-0256 or visit the recycling and refuse area on this website. Maps, calendars, and the annual program guide are available now, online.


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