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  A. There is hereby established the Office of the City Treasurer . The City Treasurer shall be elected as provided by law.
  B. The City Treasurer shall:
  1. Receive and deposit all money belonging to the city.
  2. Deposit daily all receipts in depositories designated by the City Council. The Treasurer shall be discharged from responsibility for all funds deposited in a designated depository while the funds are so deposited.
  3. Issue receipts, specifying the date, amount of payment and the fund bank account to which the money shall be deposited. The Treasurer will file copies of the receipts with the Finance Department daily.
  4. Reconcile, each month, the bank accounts statements with the assistance of the Finance Department.
  5. Sign all checks lawfully prepared and submitted for the City Treasurer’s signature by the Finance Director. A facsimile signature may be used at the discretion of the City Council
  6. Sign the annual Treasurer’s report. The report shall be prepared by the Director of Finance. The contents of the report are subject to review by the City Treasurer. Upon publication of the report certified by the City Clerk, the City Treasurer shall file a copy of the report with the County Clerk, County Treasurer and City Clerk, as required by law.
  7. Serve as treasurer of the Boards of the Firefighters’ Pension Fund and the Police Pension Fund. The City Treasurer shall serve as a member of the Fire Pension Board.
  8. Provide a bond furnished by an accredited surety company. The cost of the bond shall be paid by the city.
  9. Appoint a Deputy who, in the absence of the City Treasurer , shall perform all the duties of the City Treasurer . The Treasurer , and the City Treasurer ’s bondsmen, shall be held jointly and severally responsible for the fidelity of the Deputy.

(1990 Code, § 2-161)

(Ord. 62-643, passed 2-5-1962; Ord. 77-507, passed 3-21-1977; Ord. 97-1766, passed 8-4-1997)


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