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Important Dates

April 6, 2021 - Consolidated Election
March 9, 2021 Last day to register to vote*
March 21, 2021 Last day to register to vote online**
January 6, 2021 First day to apply for vote-by-mail ballot*** 
February 25, 2021 Vote-by-mail starts (First day vote-by-mail ballots can be mailed to voters)
April 1, 2021 Vote by mail ends
April 1, 2021 Last day to apply for vote-by-mail ballot
March 10, 2021 Grace voting starts****
April 6, 2021 Grace voting ends
February 25, 2021 Early voting starts****
April 5, 2021 Early voting ends
* Last day to register to vote or update your voter registration if you wish to vote at your polling place on Election Day.  Voter registration closes 27 days preceding an election.
** Last day to register to vote or update your voter registration online. Online registration takes about five minutes to complete.
*** Vote-By-Mail-Ballot may be requested by printing the paper Application for Vote-By-Mail Ballot under "Documents" on this page. Print, complete and sign the Application for Vote-By-Mail Ballot form. Mail form to: Galesburg Board of Elections, PO Box 1387, Galesburg, IL 61402-1387.  An online version of the Application for a Vote-By-Mail Ballot is also available under the "More Information" section of this page, by calling the city election office at 309/345-3660, or by coming into the city election office in person.
(Please note that mailing and delivery of ballots will be mailed beginning 40 days before the election or as soon as ballots are available.) 
**** Grace Voting on Election Day is only available at the City Election Office.
***** Early Voting is only available at the City Election Office.  Government-issued photo ID is not required but is helpful if there is a question about the voter's registration, address or signature.  The Early Voting start date is dependent on ballots being available.
City Election Office is located in City Hall, 55 W Tompkins St, Galesburg, IL 61401

Early Voting Schedule will be published in the Public Notices page.

Offices On The Ballot will be published in the Public Notices page.

How to Vote

Step 1-Demonstration

Before voting, you should be asked if you wish to have a demonstration.
Vote only for the number of candidates indicated under the title of the office.
Always feel free to ask how to mark the sample ballot.

Step 2-Application

You will be asked your name and your application for ballot will be provided.
Follow the judge's instruction to complete and sign your application.

Step 3-Verification

The paperwork is given to the next set of judges who will verify your address and signature and mark that you voted.

Step 4-Receive Ballot


You will be given your ballot. A security sleeve is available in which to place your ballot once you have completed voting.

Step 5-Vote the ballot


Enter the next available booth.

Vote by darkening the oval to the left of the candidate of your choice. Use only the special black pen, in the booth,  to darken the oval.

If you choose to vote for a person not printed on the ballot, you may write the person's name on the blank line above the word "write-in" under the proper office and darken the oval next to that line.


The write-in line appears only if a candidate has filed a Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in with our office.

Check the office to see that you have voted for the correct number of candidates. If you vote for more candidates than the number indicated below the office, it is considered to be an overvote and none of the candidates for the overvoted office receive a vote.

The ballot with an overvoted office will not be accepted by the tabulator. A message will appear on the screen indicating there is an overvoted office on the ballot.

The election judge will encourage you to take the ballot back, return it to the table where you received it and get another ballot.

You may vote for less than the number allowed.

Check both sides of the ballot for candidates and referenda.

If you have torn or marked your ballot incorrectly, return your ballot to the election judge at the ballot distribution table and receive a new ballot.

When you have finished voting, place your ballot inside the security envelope, so the judge's initials show, and take it to the optical scan tabulator.

Step 6-Cast your ballot


The ballot box judge should ask to see the judge's initials on the ballot.

Cast your ballot by holding the security sleeve loosely.

Put your finger in the slot and slide the ballot into the tabulator.

Do not hold tightly, allow the tabulator to grab the ballot from you.

If the ballot is not taken by the tabulator, the ballot box judge will read the displayed message and explain the reason.

If you wish to correct the ballot, the judge will direct you to return your ballot to an election judge at the ballot distribution table and obtain a new ballot.

Once the ballot is cast into the tabulator, it has been counted.

Return your security sleeve to the ballot box judge.

The judge will hand you an "I voted sticker".

Congratulations! You have exercised your right to vote!


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