Overall Code Review Commission

Meets – 2nd Thursday – 5:30 PM – Erickson Conference Room, City Hall
The Commission shall consist of 12 members all of whom shall be residents of the City or own real estate therein: One mechanical engineer, one architect or designer, one journeyman plumber, one journeyman electrician, one practicing carpenter, one home building contractor, one commercial – building contractor, one plumbing contractor, one heating contractor, one electrical contractor and two members of the general public.
Duties:  To make recommendations to the City Council by reviewing and analyzing City Codes, by interpreting vague areas of any code, by reviewing new products and methods not covered under the code, on requests for variances to such codes and on cases in which contractors fail to correct violations in their work. (Galesburg Municipal Code, Title III, Chapter 33, City Boards, Commissions, and Organizations, SEctions 33.015-33.024)
Contact Matthew Carlson, Building Inspector and staff liaison for this commission.
Members and 3yr Term Expiration
Mike Howard, June 30, 2019
Ken Swanson, June 30, 2018
Mike Groom, June 30, 2018
Paul Johnson, June 30, 2017
Brian Benbow, June 30, 2020
Dale Sugden, June 30, 2017
Kyle Kelley, June 30, 2019
James Ecklund, June 30, 2018
Vacancy - Architect/Designer
Vacancy - Home building
Vacancy - Heating Contractor
Ex-officio Members
City building inspector
Electrical inspector
Plumbing inspector
Fire Chief
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