Public Transportation Advisory Commission

Meets – 2nd Wednesday – 1:00 PM – Transit Building, 1025 Monmouth Blvd.
Seven member commission all of whom shall be residents of the City or own property.
The Commission’s duties and powers shall encompass the following:
  • To review and make comments to the City Council regarding applications requesting grant monies for Galesburg Transit and Handivan activities.
  • To review and make comments to the City Council on other transit needs and policies pertaining to the other forms of public transit (e.g. airport, taxicabs, and railroad).
Galesburg Municipal Code, Chapter 2, Administration, Division 5, 346-3614.
Contact Becky Jollay, Associate Planner and staff liaison for this commission.
Members and 3yr Term Expiration
Josh Kilpatrick, June 30, 2020
Amy Rutledge, June 30, 2022
Linda Miller, June 30, 2020
Kyle Kelly, June 30, 2021
Mark Lee, June 30, 2021
Rose Morris, June 30, 2022
John Hanlon, June 30, 2022
Ex-officio Members
Becky Jollay, Associate Planner
Dedra Mannon, Handivan Coordinator
Kraig McCluskie, Galesburg Transit
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