The Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act is a law intended to open the government to all citizens by guaranteeing access to governmental records in whatever form they are maintained. Like any law of this nature, this Act strikes a balance between access and privacy interests.

In Galesburg, the City Clerk serves as the FOIA officer and it is to that office requests are made. A person can request public records either in person or in writing. The appeal procedure set out in the Act and the time limits placed on public bodies for responding to requests for records, however, are keyed to written requests. It is recommended when a request is made in person, the requesting person is asked to make that request in writing. This will facilitate the search for records and will avoid problems if the request is denied.

Every public body is required to permit inspection or, upon submission of a written request, to provide copies of any requested records that are subject to disclosure under the act. When copies are requested, the public body may charge fees reasonably calculated to reimburse it for the actual cost or reproducing and certifying public records.

Please submit FOIA requests to:
Galesburg City Clerk's Office
55 West Tompkins Street
Galesburg, IL 61401
For questions regarding FOIA requests, please call the City Clerk's Office at 309/345-3610.

Rates are as follows:
Photocopies after 50 pages - $0.15/page
Certification - $1
CD (pictures, maps, etc.) - $5
Police Department Accident Reports - $5

Engineering Section Maps
(10 Map Set) - $25
(10 Map Set with 4 quarter pasted) - $50
Set of 4 quarters pasted - $35
Individual Sections - $3

Large Zoning Map - $5
800-Scale City Map - $4
24" x 36" Plan sheet size -$5

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