Township Government


A Township is a political and geographical subdivision of a county and state. It is a municipal corporate body that can own property, sue and be sued, borrow money and levy taxes in accordance with state statutes. A township's elected officials may act for the electorate in the township's name when conducting business.

Knox County is divided into 20 townships and one coterminous township. Generally, there are eight officers in each township, elected for terms of four years: Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, Highway Commissioner and four Trustees.

The coterminous township has the same boundaries as a municipality. The Supervisor and Assessor are elected. The City council members are the Trustees and the City Clerk is the Township Clerk. A Highway Commissioner is not necessary because the municipality maintains the roads. The annual meeting of the township electors is held on the second Tuesday in April.

Townships have many duties and some permissive powers. Services which are expressly required of all townships include providing for welfare assistance, building and maintaining rural roads, assessing property and preventing the spread of communicable disease. In addition, townships may establish libraries, medical clinics, museums, community buildings, recreation districts, mental facilities, cemeteries and youth committees.

If you would like to view a map of the City of Galesburg Township boundary, Townships of Knox County or an Illinois county map, you can find printable maps in the document section on the Township Assessor page.

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