Homefield energy supplies electricity to residents

August 29, 2013 10:55 AM

Illinois law allows municipalities and counties to purchase electricity on behalf of residential and small-business utility customers living within their borders. Last November Galesburg voters passed a referendum that authorized city fathers to seek bids and award a contract to a supplier of electricity for residents and small business owners in Galesburg. This process is called aggregation and it gives a body of people greater buying power to secure better rates for electricity. The two-year contract was awarded to Homefield Energy out of Collinsville, Illinois and provides a lower cost per kilowatt hour for electricity than was being charged by Ameren.  While the supplier chosen by the city is Homefield Energy, the provider continues to be Ameren. The city will repeat this process  again in 2015 to help residents obtain a lower electric supply cost.

Although Homefield Energy was chosen by the city as the electric supplier for Galesburg’s residents and small businesses, other energy suppliers may continue to solicit residents with the purpose of signing a contract to supply electricity.  This would require a departure from the city’s chosen supplier and may result in higher electric rates and fees for the resident.

The switch for Galesburg residents and small businesses to Homefield Energy as the electric supplier occurred in March of this year. Any call from an energy supplier now will be from a company other than Homefield Energy and may result in higher energy costs for the resident. 



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