Individual Assistance for State Disaster

June 21, 2019 03:57 PM
Contact:    Chief Tom Simkins, Galesburg Fire Department
Phone:       309.345.3756
In response to Governor Pritsker's announcement on June 21 that Knox County is included in the disaster proclamation for the recent rainfall and flooding events, the Knox County Emergency Management Agency (KCEMA) and the City of Galesburg are conducting a survey of home and property damange in the county.
If disaster-related expenses are significant enough to quaqlify for federal assistance, individual assistance for home owners and renters could help pay for home repairs and other serious disaster-related expenses not met by insurance or other assistance programs. In addition, there may be Small Business Administration loans available for homeowners, renters, businesses and private non-profit organizations of all sizes to replace real estate, contents or property damaged in the flooding. When completed, the survey will be submitted to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to help determine if federal assistance can be made available to homeowners and businesses.
Do you have damage to your property from the flooding?
  • Read the brief instructions prior to contacting KCEMA. This provides all the information you will need to furnish.
    • At the end of the instructions is a link to the KCEMA form to declare damage, OR
    • Call 309.345.3756 (M - F, 7:30am - 4pm). Please have your information ready to provide.
  • If you have flood insurance, contact your insurance company to report your damage.
  • Even if you don't have flood insurance, you should still contact your insurance company to ensure all potential assistance has been sought.
  • Take pictures of the damage and make a list of any possessions damaged or destroyed.
  • Keep receipts for costs incurred during the flood, such as receipts for hotels, clean-up, replacement and repair.
  • Be safe when cleaning your home or making repairs.
  • Please submit your information as soon as possible.
For more information:
KCEMA: 309.345.3756


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