Indonesian Consul General visits Galesburg

August 28, 2013 02:30 PM

Indonesian Consul General Andriana  Supandy visited Galesburg last Thursday and met with several locally elected officials and city staff to  review the progress Indonesia and the Galesburg region are making in their commercial efforts.  Consul General Supandy remarked, "While Galesburg is a relatively small city compared to Jakarta, it has a large place in my heart. Because of the relationship Galesburg has built with Indonesia it was the first city I visited in my new post, and I am happy to return again today."   

The meeting with the Consul General was attended by Galesburg Mayor John Pritchard, State Senator Darin LaHood, State Representatives Don Moffitt and Norine Hammond, City Treasurer Marv Dahlburg, City Manager Todd Thompson, Economic Development Director Cesar Suarez, Dr. Rick Cater, Western Illinois University, Director of International Studies and Global Strategies Director Gary Camarano.  Among the discussion points was the progress made from last December’s trade mission to Indonesia. Some of the participating companies have started to see orders placed and are looking for more to follow. 

While business engaged in trade missions directly benefit from international sales there are indirect beneficiaries as well – those local manufacturers that are part of the supply chain. Gary Camarano reports, "We’ve been hosting Supply Chain Matchmaking Workshops between some of the trade mission participants and local manufacturers. National Railway Equipment was here in June to meet with potential suppliers and Miner Enterprises and Nippon Sharyo will be here in September to meet potential supply chain partners. We’re taking advantage of our manufacturing cluster’s strengths and introducing them to opportunities uncovered because of the trade mission. Both direct and indirect beneficiaries are helped by the trade missions like this."

After the meeting Consul General Supandy and staff toured regional manufacturer Alexis Fire Equipment’s plant in Alexis, and came away with a very favorable impression. The Consul General remarked that Alexis’ fire equipment technology had much to offer Indonesia and perhaps an opportunity exists for joint ventures in the future, not only for a company like Alexis Fire Equipment, but some of the other unique manufacturers in the region. The Consul General stated, "We want to work with Galesburg to get opportunities in front of the region’s businesses and see if there is a basis to form relationships for mutually beneficial trade. There is much to be gained by both parties here."

Businesses looking to enter or expand their international presence or attend a supply chain matchmaking workshop are encouraged to contact Gary Camarano at 309/371-0474 to learn about resources and programs available to them through the city’s Economic Development Department and its partners.



Lt to Right - Indonesian Economic Consul Alberd Pardede, Dr. Rick Carter, WIU, State Representative Norine Hammond, State Representative Don Moffitt, City Treasurer Marv Dahlburg, Mayor John Pritchard, Indonesian Consul General Adriana Supandy, State Senator Darin Lahood and Global Strategies Director Gary Camarano at last week’s meeting with the Indonesian Consul General. 



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