Lamboo Graduates from the SBC

January 11, 2013 03:44 PM
Lamboo, Inc. will be leaving the incubator due to its impressive growth, making it the first tenant to graduate from the Sustainable Business Center (SBC), a business incubator dedicated to helping sustainable companies' start-up and growth.
Luke Schuette, Lamboo President and CEO said, "We reached the point where we were able to make acquisitions for fabrication and distribution across the country, in addition we have developed a strong relationship with a fabricator/distributor in Peoria through Red Bud Ridge Custom Shop. This eliminated the need for Galesburg distribution center. This happened way ahead of schedule, but moves us significantly forward in our business development. The SBC definitely helped us reach this point faster than we anticipated."
Lamboo utilized 12,000 square feet as a warehouse operation and employed temporary staff since January of 2012.  They terminated their lease on December 1, 2012.  Eric Dilts, SBC marketing director commented that, "We're happy for Lamboo, and are proud to have been part of their growth.  While we would have loved to have Lamboo stay longer or locate closer in, it's good to see they are still operating in our region.  The incubator did what it was supposed to have done - provide support for a company to grow, become established, and create jobs within our region."
Although Lamboo has grown out of the incubator, the door is still open for further collaborations between Lamboo and the SBC.  Schuette added, "We greatly appreciate all that the City, SBC and the EBI Network did for us. Their technical support was invaluable. We are going to continue to work with them and see if we can establish another program in the SBC that will fit and be a longer term development for the region and we plan to maintain our communication regularly with the EBI staff."
In fact, Dilts states that the SBC, the EBI Network, Lamboo and an undisclosed company are holding discussions involving a project that will mean a new collaborative venture being housed in the SBC. Dilts said, "Our incubator expects to 'graduate' businesses and then find new companies and projects to replace them. That's what we're in the process of doing."
For additional information about the Sustainable Business Center and the EBI Network, and how they can help startup companies please contact Eric Dilts at or 309/371-0472.


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