Local business set to expand and clean up

February 7, 2012 04:45 PM
The last four months have been a whirlwind of activity for Tom Maleck and his company Cross-Fire Soil Remediation, LLC.
Working with Gary Camarano, Global Strategies Manager for the city of Galesburg’s Entrepreneurs, Business & Innovation Network (EBI Network), Tom Maleck and Cross-Fire Soil Remediation, LLC was nominated for the in the 2011 Chicago Innovation Awards. Cross-Fire earned a coveted place as a finalist, and this exposure as a finalist has propelled a growing awareness of Cross-Fire and its revolutionary technology in cleaning contaminated property.
Expanding outside of Illinois, Cross-Fire has now been awarded an "acceptance letter" from the state of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection. This recognition of Cross-Fire is validation that Tom Maleck’s cutting-edge "thermal destruction technology" is becoming widely accepted – a technology that was created by a Galesburg native and citizen and allows him to work in Florida, an example of how Galesburg businesses are expanding their boundaries.
"Working with Gary and the EBI team as well as attending the workshops that they sponsor has me thinking of my business in a whole new light, which has given me a new direction," says Maleck.
Galesburg Mayor Sal Garza commented, "I’m excited to see our local businesses being recognized outside of the region and the state for their ingenuity, and I’m happy that the city could play a role in their success. This help, in this case technical assistance, is part of a comprehensive Economic Development Program designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and prosper."
As described in an article by Popular Mechanics, "The ground beneath gasoline stations and oil transfer terminals is often so saturated from spills that the land must be condemned. The combustible nature of the pollutants, however, contains the seeds for their cleanup. Heating the soil burns the carbon in spilled fuel, producing mostly harmless carbon dioxide. The solution is not widely applied because of the high cost of burning soil at processing facilities. Cross-Fire found it could cut costs by burning contaminated soil on-site." Using Cross-Fire, the system uses a fraction of the energy consumed by a stationary plant with a quicker completion time.
Cross-Fire Soil Remediation works with owners of contaminated properties, their agents, and contractors to reduce the cost of soil clean up by efficiently cleaning the contaminated soil on-site. For more information about Cross-Fire Remediation contact Tom Maleck at (309) 343-0345.


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