Newsletter Launched to Empower Entrepreneurs

April 5, 2012 09:08 AM
An electronic newsletter was launched today by the EBI Network for entrepreneurs and businesses throughout west central Illinois. The newsletter titled "The Entrepreneurial Mindset Newsletter" is a free, monthly email publication designed to educate, engage, and empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, mid-to-large corporations, and public and private institutions.
"Our objective is to bring together a variety of people interested in building the entrepreneurial spirit of our region, and create a community where our entrepreneurs and businesses are thriving" said Cesar Suarez, economic development director for the city of Galesburg. "Exciting things happen when you bring people of good will together. The newsletter is our first project in bringing our collective intelligence to work in building a new culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation, and we have several more projects in the works for collective action," stated Suarez.
Ryan Lilly, entrepreneurship center manager and member of the EBI Network developed the newsletter along with Suarez. Lilly commented "We’ve not only developed content for educational purposes, but we also feature entrepreneurs such as Linda Lewis inventor of The Flipple, and special programs such as the City’s Business Innovation Grant program." According to Lilly the newsletter will be sent out to over 900 individuals who will receive tips and information about developing their ideas and bringing them to market. The first issue contains 8 articles related to innovation, retail, financial, and marketing. It also list the business development services provided by the EBI Network, a regional economic development collaboration funded under a federal grant from the Economic Development Administration and lead by the City of Galesburg’s Economic Development Department.. Monthly features will also include upcoming workshops, lectures and events.
"There’s no telling how this will grow. We look forward to engaging our business and community leader in preparing and position our regional economy for the 21st Century." said Suarez. For additional information contact Ryan Lilly, of the EBI Network at 309-371-0473 or by email. To sign up for the electronic newsletter visit:


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