North Seminary Street Rezoning Application


The Planning and Zoning Commission received a rezoning requests from Todd Raufeisen, a commercial developer from the Quad Cities to rezone parcels located near the southwest corner of North Seminary Street and U.S. Route 34.


Raufeisen Development is proposing to construct a hotel on the two lots on the west side of Midwest Drive and the remaining properties in B-2 developed with various retail uses.  The developer also proposes to develop duplex owner-occupied residential units on the property proposed to be rezoned to R-2. 

Supporting Documents:

  1. Agenda item #12-1028
  2. Memo from Community Development Director Roy Parkin
  3. Development Ordiance
    1. Plat
    2. Site Plan
    3. Storm Sewer
  4. Maps
    1. Proposed Rezoning
    2. Proposed Plat
    3. Master Conceptual Rezoning
This information is provided to keep the public informed about the project as it is reviewed and considered for approval.  If you have questioins, please contact the Community Development Department at 309/345-3619.




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