Linwood Cemetery & East Linwood Cemetery

City owned cemeteries include Linwood and East Linwood. Linwood cemetery is located on the west edge of Galesburg, Illinois, at West Main St. and Linwood Rd on the south west corner, near by-pass 34 and Highway 164.

Linwood Cemetery Association, organized in 1856, purchased 30 acres from Marius Belden and wife in November 1856. The City of Galesburg bought those acres from Linwood Cemetery Association for a city cemetery on December 15, 1857.

The City of Galesburg purchased an additional 22 acres on the south east corner of West Main St and Linwood Rd. This principal addition to date is known as East Linwood Cemetery and was purchased around March 19, 1928.

The City owns and maintains the cemeteries in excellent condition. All records are filed electronically at the cemetery office and City Hall. Hard copies are also on file. To date there are over 13,000 burials in Linwood and over 4,300 in East Linwood.

Cemetery Charges

All lots have been sold in Linwood Cemetery

East Linwood Lots Grave Spaces:

- Sections A, C, F, & H $650
- Section B Blocks 1 & 2 $$700

Grave Opening fees:

- Cremation $400
- Under 3 yrs $400
- 3 yrs & Older $650

Additional fees:

- Saturdays & Holidays $100
- Winter charge $100
(Dec. 15 thru March 15)

Moving of Bodies (in vault):

- Unusual circumstances or no vault $1,000
- Under 3yrs $500
- 3 yrs & Older $850

Scattering Garden Fees

- All Scattering garden areas - $500
- Scattering on Holiday or Legal Holiday - $100

The scattering gardens will be closed during the months of December, January, February and March.

The fee shall include the scattering of cremated human remains, and the engraving of the name and date of death of the decedent on the stone monument placed in the garden. An additional name or names may be placed on the monument at the time of the first scattering for an additional fee of $50.00 per name.

For further information, please contact the City Clerk's Office.

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