Pennycress Energy Co. to Locate at the SBC

August 16, 2012 03:12 PM
Pennycress Energy Co. has signed a lease to become the Sustainable Business Center's newest tenant this week. Pennycress Energy Co. is involved in the commercialization of pennycress, a winter cover crop that also has potential to be an income producing renewable fuel crop.  Sudhir Seth, CEO of Pennycress Energy Co. said, "We are very happy to be here in Galesburg at the Sustainable Business Center. The support the Sustainable Business Center and the EBI Network have given us is very encouraging. This is the pro-growth atmosphere we need to grow our business."
Pennycress joins four green, sustainable businesses already at the Sustainable Business Center. According to Eric Dilts, Director of Marketing at the SBC, "We are becoming the 'Front Door to a Green Industry Cluster' here in the West Central Illinois Region, and I find that exciting.  This activity establishes the region as a factor in the emerging sustainable sector of our national economy and helps create jobs and diversify our local economy."
Initially Pennycress will use the SBC as a seed distribution and collection center, and marketing office. Eventually, when enough acreage is planted in the region a crushing facility employing 30 people is planned.
According to Seth, "Pennycress is looking to add a 'second shift to the agriculture factory' by providing area farmers with a free winter cover crop that has income potential as a renewable fuel feedstock. The USDA Research Lab has verified the benefits and the need for new sources of bio-diesel feedstock are well documented. We plan to provide farmers with a free cover crop; a cover crop with income potential; and a crop that can contribute to the solution of our national energy crisis."
The Sustainable Business Center is a business incubator dedicated to helping green sustainable in the commercialization stage. For further information about the Sustainable Business Center contact Eric Dilts.


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