Phone solicitation for energy aggregation

December 17, 2014 10:54 AM

Phone Solicitation for Energy Aggregation


Various energy suppliers have been soliciting Galesburg residences and small businesses to sign up for the supply of energy.  With the deregulation of the supply of energy, many energy providers are actively seeking customers to sign. 


At its January 22, 2013, meeting, the City Council chose Homefield Energy as the supplier for the residential and small commercial energy aggregation program. The approved contract came after a lengthy RFP process conducted by DaCott Energy Services, Inc., the City's consultant, and provides for 100 percent renewable energy to be purchased at a discounted rate.  This contract is being negotiated by our consultant who is reviewing current market trends.  A revised contact will be provided to the City Council in January of 2015 for approval.  After an approved agreement is reached, a press release will be sent as well as a mailing from the City of Galesburg to update residents.  Please keep an eye out for this information.


Other energy suppliers may solicit Galesburg residents and small commercial businesses to sign with their company. Caution is recommended as these suppliers are not the "supplier of choice" and may not be able to provide the same rates or assurances as Homefield Energy.

No matter who supplies the electricity, Ameren remains the delivery company. All Galesburg users would continue to contact Ameren in the case of outages, services calls and emergencies.

Contact: Kraig Boynton

Phone: 309/345-3678



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