Project will develop in two phases

February 1, 2013 10:23 AM
Monday's City Council agenda will include an ordinance requesting an amendment to an earlier rezoning ordinance that will allow development of the North Seminary Street property to occur in two phases.
The developer Todd Raufeisen, requested a revision to the rezoning ordinance that was approved by Council on October 15, 2012, to allow the phasing of the subdivision platting, as well as a revision to the effective date of the rezoning.
"We continue to work with Raufeisen Development towards realizing a proposed Gale Village Project which includes a potential grocer, a retail center and hotel in it's first phase. And we hope that the Stisser Estate and Raufeisen Development can reach amicable terms for property that would provide for additional phases of development." Stated Mayor Sal Garza.
The ordinance before Council Monday night would allow the area to be developed in two phases. The properties controlled by Raufeisen (southern portion of the site) would be developed initially and be called Phase I. The subdivision plat for Phase I would need to be recorded by April 15, 2013, in order for the properties in the Phase I area to be rezoned to B-2. If the subdivision plat is not recorded by April 15, 2013, the rezoning to B-2 does not become effective. The actual zoning classification originally approved for this property is not being changed.
The development of the remaining portion of the property originally rezoned could occur under Phase II, if a developer is interested in developing this property. For the B-2, General Business District and R-2, Two-Family zoning to become effective a subdivision plat for Phase II would need to be recorded within three years from October 15, 2012, if the proposed ordinance is approved. Phase II cannot occur unless Phase I is accomplished.


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