Recycling winners announced for 4th quarter 2011

January 5, 2012 11:07 AM
Once every month the city’s Geographic Information System Division randomly selects addresses from the residential refuse database. If a recycling bin is out with recyclables at the address that resident wins $25 in cash. Winning homes in October were: 440 S. Whitesboro Street, 887 Abingdon Street, 1561 Spruce Avenue, 66 Selden Street, and 1447 E. Fremont Street. Winning homes in November were: 461 Oak Street, 51 North Ivan Avenue, 381 West North Street, 1148 North Seminary Street, and 325 North Kellogg Street. And finally, the December winning homes were: 1986 Baird Avenue, 64 Highland Avenue, 141 Valley View Road, 1331 Willard Street, and 1749 East Main Street. 
If anyone has questions about the curbside recycling program, please contact City Hall at 345-3614 or Waste Management at 343-0256.


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