Regional participants earn innovation certification

December 20, 2011 04:55 PM
Participants of the Innovation Certification Program
The city of Galesburg and the EBI Network recently hosted an Innovation Certification Program called the Serial Innovator, conducted by the University of Illinois' Business Innovation Services for 12 West Central Illinois participants. The program was designed to teach participants how to create an innovation culture and process that will help their organizations meet and exceed their goals, and not just survive, but thrive and grow. The city of Galesburg and its partners will be rolling out a series of workshops and programs for 2012 designed to help area businesses stay competitive and grow in today's Global Economy.
Among the participants receiving certificates at the Innovation Certification Program were Bryan Ahee (FusionTech, Roseville), Dave Dyer (City of Galva), Linda Lewis (Flipple, Galesburg), Nathan Long (LMT, Galva), Paul Schytuma (City of Monmouth), Tom Maleck (CrossFire, Galesburg), Bob Blackburn (Blackburn Sampling, Galesburg) and Lansa Good (Monmouth Public Libraries, Monmouth). Gary Camarano, of the EBI Network remarked, "I noticed the diverse background of the participants - new companies, established companies, public and private, and I am happy with that. Innovation has a place in any organization that is looking to grow and stay relevant today. It will help them meet their customer's needs and continue to grow."
State Rep. Don Moffitt also offered congratulations to the participants, and added he is "pleased by the regional approach Galesburg and the EBI Network is taking. They get it. Our economic well-being has got to be a regional effort, and by reaching out and including participants from Roseville, Monmouth, Galesburg and Galva, they are showing that they are on the right track. I applaud the participants striving to better, and the hosts for making opportunities like this available."
Camarano added, "This was truly a collaborative effort - Carl Sandburg College, the University of Illinois, the City of Galesburg, the EBI Network, and our participants. I expect them to take some of what they've learned back with them and implement it. Innovative companies increase sales, grow and create new jobs. Maybe not immediately, but certainly in the very near future. I know of one participant that has taken innovation to heart and is currently planning for expansion. I think it's very exciting."
Camarano also noted that there was support from the banking sector, as F&M Bank provided a scholarship for one participating business. "We want to thank F&M Bank for their support of our efforts, they were very generous. We look to increase our collaboration with the private sector in making economic development for the region work."
For additional information, please contact Gary Camarano, the EBI Network, at (309)371-0474.


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