Reminder of common code violations to avoid

April 15, 2014 02:55 PM
As we move into the mowing season property owners are reminded that a code violation occurs when grass, weeds or other nuisance vegetation grows to a height beyond 12 inches. Sun and rain, while welcome, promotes fast growing grass and weeds and property owners are advised to stay on top of this as a violation of the ordinance can become costly. Only one notice per growing season is required to be sent by the City to the property owner and if a yard is left to grow too high a second or subsequent time during a growing season, the City or its contractor may come onto the property and mow without notice resulting in fines and fees being sent to the property owner.



A second area of code that is often violated involves trash and debris on the property. This includes all areas around the residence including porches, decks and car ports and targets large accumulations of trash, appliances, furniture, and other debris.  The City provides property owners and residents unlimited waste disposal at the curb and has programs in place to deal with large items, electronics, recyclables and yard waste. In addition to the year-round programs, there is a special opportunity to help property owners and residents to get rid of unwanted items during the city-wide Clean Up Days, held in the spring and fall.


Questions about these common code violations can be directed to the Community Service Supervisor at 309/345-3636, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, or sent to

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Contact: Sue E. Davidson, Community Service Supervisor
Phone:   309/345-3636


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